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THE LATEST BLOG - posted in Tashy Hears.


February 12 2018

What seems like an eternity ago, I designed a project which was aimed at bringing the children of our world closer together. For various reasons it never happened as I envisaged, the main one being that the partner I had taken on for the project was too self-centred and too interested in enjoying herself rather than putting in the hard graft needed to make these things work.

Anyhow, when it was in its earliest stages, we organised a concert in Poland to explain more about the idea and, amid all the chat, I choose some songs that pupils from the local music school would sing to further emphasise the aims. This song here was one of the ones performed.

It encapsulates the problems that are now affecting our world, our planet, our only home so far as I know. What are we going to leave our children? When I was born the population of the world was about 2 billion. Now, just 68 years later it is three times that. That means three times more rubbish, three times more homes needed, three times less space each. Put another way, in 5,000BC, if everyone went outside and stood as far apart from everyone else as they could, each person would have a square 9 kms by 9 kms. Today, we would have a square 70 metres by 70 metres, about the size of a football pitch if it was square, and in another 7,000 years all we would have each is a square 50 centimetres by 50 centimetres and I don't know about you, but I won't fit. Still, I also probably won't live for another 7,000 years either so I guess I'm OK. But, hopefully, some form of human life will be around and we should try to think about them now.

W have more information about things than any previous generation but the problem is that it needs thought and imagination to turn that information into knowledge.

It seems that even when I pick quirky songs, it still comes back to my favourites. I like the urgent drum beat in this song and I consider it to have a very Australian Aboriginal feel. Those people had a vast amount of knowledge on how to preserve their homeland, perhaps we should make use of some of it.


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